About Us

Project: Lift or Die was created in June 2016 by Aaron Trudeau out of pure passion. Being a 25 year old Marine Corps combat veteran, my life was about fitness from High School, through two deployments and into college. During my time in the Marine Corps, my wife would send me care packages every month on my deployments to keep me fueled in the gym and maintain my passion. Her boxes always included different products to try and usually apparel shirts she would find at local stores. Needless to say, it brightened my day and kept me motivated to continue crushing my goals. 

Being a fitness fanatic and a bit obsessed with lifting I always made sure to set time aside to hit the gym and keep up with my supplements. There were so many flavors and brands out there that I wanted to try but was hesitant. So, I came up with the idea of starting my own fitness care package that would introduce new products every month, as well as create new designs to rock while lifting. After going over a few names I pitched the idea to my wife and she loved it! With her support and love I did everything I needed to turn this idea into a reality.

This is so much more than just a business to us, your journey is our journey!